Field Trip Programs

Discover Amazing at MDC this school year with “hands-on & feet-wet” Marine Ecucation Field Trip Programs, that students will love.

In an effort to adapt to COVID procedures between the Marine Discovery Center and educational partners, we have expanded our lesson availability to ensure access to our programs.


Take a virtual journey into the Indian River Lagoon as our marine education staff hosts a class on a chosen topic.
$5 per student, connected via Zoom


The Marine Discovery Center comes to you! Our educator will bring curriculum and supplies to your group for an interactive lesson.
$6 per student + travel fee (per mile)


Join us at the Marine Discovery Center for a day of hands-on exploration!

  • $12/person
    Discovery Eco-Adventure (boat only)
  • $18/person
    Indian River Lagoon Experience (boat and land based activities)
  • $20/person
    Creature Connections (trawl net tour)
  • $24/person
    Total Immersion (boat and island exploration)
  • $20/person
    Kayaking (maximum of 10 participants)
  • $25/person
    Kayaking (11-20 participants)
  • $8/person
    two land based activities
  • $12/person
    three land based activities
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2021 Lesson Options
Options for your virtual, on-the-road,
and land-based field trip lessons


Students will learn about the adaptations of species that call the Indian River Lagoon home. Through this lesson, they can understand how these adaptations help survival. At the end of the lesson, students will have the opportunity to create their own creatures fit with their own adaptations.


Students will learn what compost is and how it can help the surrounding ecosystem. After reviewing what can and cannot be composted, the group will take a deeper dive into the compost pile to learn about the microorganisms and chain of processes that assist in a successful system. Students will end the lesson with their own compost challenge.


What are microplastics? Where do they come from and how can you find them? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during a lesson focused on tiny particles that are causing big issues for the environment. Students will learn about local research being done, and ways they can work to decrease their microplastic footprint.


We will take a journey into the world of marine invertebrates! Students will get to explore the world of animals that have no backbones—from classifications to native species found in our local waters.


Students will get a close glimpse of the underground world of watersheds and how connected they are to other habitats. We will discuss different water-based statistics, as well as test our knowledge on sustainable water use. Students will be challenged to create their own Water Wise plan.

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2021 Field Trip Options


What could be better than cruising the lagoon while learning about the wildlife that inhabits the area? Perhaps dolphins will be playing or birds will be diving to capture prey. A naturalist will be along to stimulate students’ curiosities about the most biologically diverse estuary in North America.

Dolphin jumping


Our most popular program offers students a chance to participate in land-based activities as well as taking a tour on our boat.  Dolphins, manatees, birds and other marine life may be encountered as the naturalist describes the lagoon and its inhabitants. Land activities may include a habitat hike, a plankton study, an invertebrate presentation or several other options. .


Venture out with the crew of Discovery for a 2-hour ecotour of the lagoon. During the tour, we will drop a trawl net* and bring aboard a variety of species for guests to view up close. This interactive, hands-on tour will be led by one of our certified naturalists who will share lots of interesting and fun facts about the creatures you meet. Come prepared to experience the lagoon in a new way!

creature connections tour
Seine Netting Total Immer


A ride on the Discovery boat takes participants to an island for an extreme exploration experience. A naturalist will be onboard to share their knowledge of the most biologically diverse estuary in North America. Explorers will use seine nets and dip nets to discover and identify animals found in the Indian River Lagoon.


Participants will explore the lagoon up close while leisurely paddling in a kayak. The journey will be led by an experienced kayak naturalist who will guide the students through an ecological lesson on the importance of the lagoon. This awe-inspiring trip will be easily remembered and will instill an appreciation of nature.

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For more information or to inquire about education opportunities,
please contact Tess Sailor-Tynes at or call the Welcome Center at 386.428.4828


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