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Natalia Andreeva
Natalia Andreeva

Tallahassee, Florida

Natalia Andreeva emerged as an artist from the rich and fertile artistic climate of Novosibirsk, in Siberia, after graduating from its most prestigious art college. During her classical education in the canons of European art she was greatly influenced by Eastern philosophy. Consequentially, Natalia’s work is a harmonious marriage between spontaneous expressions and classical realism.

Among Natalia’s favorite themes are exquisite landscapes, depicting the subtlety of nature,still life, where vibrant shapes and internal dynamics are shown in contrast to the commonplace subjects, and finally, figures and portraits brimming with humanity, and giving testament to the beauty and harmony of the human condition.


Cathy Berse
Cathy Berse

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Cathy Berse is a 29 year resident of Florida and a signature member of East Coast Plein Air. Cathy attended the University of Wisconsin, University of Tennessee and Milwaukee Area Technical College. In years past she has worked as a graphic designer, teacher and muralist.

Being an artist is not just a job. It is what I am. As an artist I interpret and analyze things I see. For example, a single tree is not just a tree, it is shapes, shadows, and values painted with feeling and emotions. Ninetynine percent of my oil paintings are done on site “alla prima”. I feel that it allows me to capture the light that caught my eye as well as the true colors of nature. I love what I do and it is my goal to pass that love along in my work.If a viewer can step into the scene I have just painted and get as much pleasure from it as I did painting it, I consider it a successful painting.


Peter Carolin
Peter Carolin

Gainesville, Florida

Peter Carolin studied art in many places including the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, The Musee des Beaux Arts, Angers, France, the University of Notre Dame, BFA 1985, and the University of Florida, MFA 1988. He has made a living as a painter, sculptor, and illustrator, in and out of teaching for the last twenty-five years. Teaching all levels from K-College, he is currently adjunct faculty at Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL.

Award winning, in and out of school, he was selected in 1989 as a sculptor to spend a month in a castle on the French Riviera. By 1999, his work was included in a major traveling exhibition of Contemporary Florida Landscape Painting, at several regional museums, entitled “Coast to Coast…” Circa 2003, he co-curated, and was included in another regional Florida Landscape exhibition at Okaloosa Regional Airport. From 2008-13, he was co-director of the GFAA Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga, learning the policies and responsibilities of festival planning. Devoted to charitable fund-raising for causes of health, education, nature conservation, and homeless veterans, in 2008, he was named “Artist of the Year,” by the Council for Exceptional Children’s Education.

As a long time exhibiting artist in fine art galleries and festivals, he was made “poster artist” for several art festivals and public radio/tv fundraising. Invited, and participating in several annual pleine-aire “Paint-Out” events since 2003, he has been able to make personal contact and associations with several of the best artists throughout Florida and the Southeast. Corporate collections include: Golder and Assoc., Naylor Publishing, UF Health, Avmed, Exactech, Barnett Bank of Jacksonville, North Florida Regional Hospital, Holloway Financial, JFK Health Science Center, Barrington, ILL, Santa Fe College Foundation, Busch Gardens, and Chaminade H.S. Paintings are also sold to over 500 private collections in over a dozen states, and six countries worldwide.


Kathleen Denis
Kathleen Denis

Palm Beach Shores, Florida

When noticing a breathtaking view, Kathleen longs to capture it on canvas, while inviting her viewers to imagine being there. She typically looks for striking light, accompanied by interesting shadow shapes, and vibrant colors.

Kathleen’s passion for painting began with her first art lessons at age four, and continued as she earned her BFA in Graphic Design from University of Miami. Gaining attention from numerous product manufacturers since 1995, featuring her designs on everything from wallpaper to rugs, fabrics to kitchenware, and appearing in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods, she became one of the nations leading “licensed artist”. She currently paints with oils in a contemporary, impressionistic style, with her work being shown in galleries, exhibits and juried plein air events.

Kathleen is honored to be an official Coastguard Artist, with her work located in their national permanent collection. She is a featured artist in Plein Air Magazine and enjoys passing on her artistic knowledge to her students by teaching workshops and classes.


Charles Dickinson
Charles Dickinson

St. Augustine, Florida

Charles Dickinson is a graduate of Paier School of Art with an additional two years of study at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Connecticut. Charles has always felt most comfortable in nature and began to paint on location early in his education. He has continued to study nature first hand throughout his career. He has worked as a professional plein air artist for more than thirty years.

Charles is collected by private collectors internationally and often participates in invitational and juried paint outs year round. Dickinson is an award-winning artist who most recently won awards in 2012’s Plein Air North Carolina and Plein air Vermont. His favorite subjects are varied and range from pure landscape, to marine, to architectural scenes, and to the unexpected compositions found in a plein air landscape.

Dickinson says he is challenged and inspired to create quality and lasting beauty in his work that reflects his love of nature and his love of exploring the pictorial possibilities nature provides.


Elisabeth Ferber
Elisabeth Ferber

Mt. Dora, Florida

Elisabeth Ferber was born in Belleville, Illinois but spent most of her adult life in Central Florida. Born of artistic parents and having spent much of her childhood in Europe, Elisabeth was exposed to a very classical art background which in turn influenced her current style.

My artwork can best be described as “classical representational”. I do not seek to change what is, but to paint it and present it as I perceived it at the time. I strive to create a painting that shows the beauty and character of wildlife and/or landscapes.

Although I do paint a little of everything, wildlife and their landscapes are my favorite. My landscapes are painted from life whenever possible and the wildlife is studied and photographed by myself. My goal is to capture scenes in the hope that others will see and appreciate the land that we have today.

Elisabeth is a member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Florida and Central Florida Plein Air Artists.


Michelle Held
Michelle Held

Sarasota, Floria

Being an active participant in painting events that directly support the preservation of our disappearing landscape ignited Michelle’s passion for wildlife, which led her on a journey of painting from life. Michelle feels working outside and on-site is most essential in fulfilling her craving for representational paintings and staying close to nature.

I envision a painting, seeking great composition, light and value. Once comfortable with that, I enjoy letting the painting direct me, instead of imposing my will upon it.

With an insatiable appetite for color, light, and texture, Michelle strives to inspire happiness, trigger your imagination, and make an emotional connection with the viewer. She believes evoking a feeling of light, space and passion is key to any successful contemporary painting.

Michelle’s work includes a wide range, from still life and wildlife to landscapes and seascapes, but her most


Scott Hiestand
Scott Hiestand

Ormond Beach, Florida

Scott, a resident of Ormond Beach, Florida, is an avid plein air painter and creator of various bird and fish sculptures made from wire and various finishes.

Upon obtaining his art degree in Philadelphia, Scott was recruited by Hallmark Cards. He later worked for some 35 years as a graphic artist for various newspapers, including 15 years at the St. Petersburg Times, where he illustrated the outdoors pages.

Scott’s work has been recognized throughout the United States. He is a State of Indiana upland game bird stamp contest winner; was selected for the Paint America National Gallery Tour; and designed the Florida Bass Fish automobile license plate. Scott’s works are in many private and corporate collections.


Mike Jakubowski
Mike Jakubowski

Ocoee, Florida

Mike Jakubowski’s deep appreciation of the outdoor world began as a sportsman and explorer in the wilds of upstate NY; it led him to an education and career practicing environmental stewardship and conservation. As a Florida resident for more than a dozen years, he exercises environmental passions for the natural world through an oil palette and canvas.

Mike is an avid outdoor painter whom prefers to complete alla-prima paintings in one sitting, capturing the true natural light, tone and mood of the moment. Viewers of his work have often related a likeness to Hopper for a still and reflective quality but, he feels that his best work represents the boldness and wildness of the outdoors when loose, suggestive brushstrokes are applied. He has won several awards during the last few years and has been participating in many juried plein-air events and exhibitions.

Mike has a unique way of not just capturing the beauty in the surrounding nature but also the places we dwell and the footprints we leave behind. His work explores this dynamic between man and nature in a poignant and alluring way.


Stewart Jones
Stewart Jones

Orlando, Florida

Stewart Jones began drawing at an early age in life and winning awards in art competitions. In his high school years he enjoyed art classes and excelled at mechanical drawing. This would become the foundation for many of his paintings, which include architectural structures. He later attended Ferris State University in Michigan where he graduated with a degree in graphic arts. He also took additional courses at college to strengthen his skills at painting in both oil and acrylic. After his college years, Jones elected to take a painting class in watercolor and thus began a rewarding career as a watercolor artist.

Jones has created plein air landscape paintings on a frequent basis. His love for vast open landscapes is the inspiration for many of his paintings. “I feel it is important to paint scenes of nature so that I can share that moment in time with others,” says Jones. He realizes our world is quickly changing and he takes opportunities to paint architecture and landscapes that he knows may not be here for our future generations to enjoy.

He has participated in plein air events throughout Florida and in many outdoor Art Festivals. When not painting outdoors on location, he is in his studio at Gallery on First in historic Sanford, Florida.


Chris Kling
Chris Kling

Stuart, Florida

Chris Kling graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has worked as a professional artist since 1978. She has received numerous awards and commissions for her landscapes and portraiture throughout the US and with the Portrait Society of America. Chris has exhibited with the Oil Painters of America and in September 2019 she was honored to show in the American Impressionist Society’s 20th Annual National Juried Exhibition in the historic Salmagundi Club in New York City.

Chris works primarily in oil in a contemporary impressionistic manner. She also teaches Plein Air and Oil Portraiture in classes and workshops. Chris has a gallery and studio in Kling Gallery, Wine & Decor in Stuart, FL and is represented by Palm City Art & Frame. Painting, to her, is reaching out to find the common emotional connection between all of us.

Being an artist is my lifelong career and an integral part of me. It is something I have always been compelled to do – like the need to breathe! I work representationally in oil with a painterly, contemporary flair creating portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes using color, value, and brushstroke to sing a visual song to viewers and connect on an emotional level.


Robert Leedy
Robert Leedy

Jacksonville, Florida

Robert Leedy’s watercolors celebrate light and color. His marks on paper are decisive yet totally spontaneous. Fluid washes of bold, mingling – often pure color – are recognizable elements of his personal style. A majority of Leedy’s work is plein air and he sees watercolor as a perfect travel companion. Leedy earned his BFA in Art at Valdosta State University and worked in graphic design and the fine wine industry before painting full time. Originally from Winter Haven, Florida, Leedy grew up in Jacksonville and lived throughout the Caribbean, South America and Europe before returning to Florida in 2010. “I think it was growing up around all of this water and light that influenced my chosen medium of watercolor,” he says.

Leedy maintains a studio in the CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville. He teaches classes and workshops, including an annual workshop in Italy.


Barbara Ortiz
Barbara Ortiz

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Barbara enjoys the challenge of working in Plein Air. Due to theever-changing light, holding onto that original visual image andincorporating a sense of weather and time of day takes immense focus. Barbara says ”This is my happy place.”

Barbara grew up in New Milford, New Jersey. She began drawing at an early age influenced by her father, an amateur oil painter. Living close to New York City, her family spent many weekend exposing her to the art museums, galleries and abundant street art. Barbara has taken classes at Crealde School of Art, Winter Park, Florida as well as The Longboat Key Center For the Arts, Longboat Key, Florida. She has had the privilege of honing her skills in classes and workshops under renowned artists, David Leffel, Greg Kreutz, Morgan Samuel Price, Calvin Liang, Lori Putnam, Don Demers and Mary Erickson.

Those moments when you see a beautiful splash of light on an object or the violet haze of a foggy morning or the orange glow of a humid, summer sunset, these are my inspirations.

I work primarily in oil and pastel. My paintings are representational and I often work in plein air. Even in the studio, I work alla prima, except when creating larger paintings. My desire is to capture what I initially had a strong visual response to and to express in my chosen medium what I envisioned. I greatly admire and am influenced by masters such as Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, Cezanne and contemporary masters Richard Schmid and Don Demers.


Joe Palmerio
Joe Palmerio

Sarasota, Florida

Joe is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and The Barnes Foundation, Phila. Pa. He is a roofer by trade, spent 11 years as a professional boat captain, and holds a Master Captain’s license, and a private pilot. He is in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the country. He has been the Artist in Residence for the Everglades National Park, and The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

His article on the National Parks was published in the May-June 2018 on line edition of Plein Air Magazine. His mural commissions include the Duval House B & B in Key West Fl., Motivation Inc. the Mel Fisher Atocha Expedition, and Murphy Recreation Center in Philadelphia, Pa.admire and am influenced by masters such as Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, Cezanne and contemporary masters Richard Schmid and Don Demers.


Randy Pitts
Randy Pitts

Jacksonville, Florida

Randy Pitts graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida in 1982 with a concentration in drawing and printmaking. Having a career in the commercial arts, it wasn’t until 2001 that Randy began painting. Since 2001, Randy has become devoted to painting “en plein air” and the challenges of capturing the light, form and shape the landscape provides. He has continued his education by attending numerous workshops, including Scott Christensen’s intensive ten-day workshop in 2008.

Randy exhibits in many local and regional shows. He has earned several first place awards in the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts juried exhibitions and earned an Award of Excellence in the 2012 Art of the Trees juried exhibition of which 70 artists from the region participated. His artwork was also chosen by “Southwest Art” Magazine to promote the Art of the Trees in their “Beyond the West” section. His artwork has been featured on the cover and inside “Arbus” magazine, Jacksonville’s local Arts publication. In 2014, Randy was awarded First Place and Best of Show at the Create! Home and Garden Plein Air Paint Out and was awarded 3rd Place at the St Mary’s Paint Out. He was awarded First Place in the “Outside In” exhibition at Southlight Gallery, Jacksonville, and was a solo exhibitor for the month of May, 2014 at the Vandroff Gallery inside the Jewish Community Alliance of Jacksonville.

Randy won the Artists’ choice Award at the 9th Annual Wekiva Paint Out and placed second at the 2015 Summer Guest Series exhibition “A New Leaf,” held at Southlight Gallery. He was awarded Third Place in the 3rd Annual Piedmont Paint Out, held in High Point, NC. He is represented by On the Waterfront Gallery in Apalachicola, FL and First Street Gallery in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Randy resides in Jacksonville.


Patrick Rausch
Patrick Rausch

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Patrick grew up with tropical and ocean surroundings. Numerous visits since childhood to the Florida Keys and years of diving and sailing along with having a home in the Ocala National Forest for a number of years has had a strong and lasting influence on the subjects Patrick chooses to paint.

From beautiful cloud formations at sunset, to a quaint cottage in the Keys, to tranquil back country landscapes, to soothing seascapes, he finds and captures a feeling that relates to the beauty around us.

Patrick has been sharing and teaching others to paint for over 10 years and currently teaches classes at The Artists’ Workshop in New Smyrna Beach.

I have been painting and drawing most of my life and
continue to get a thrill every time I paint. In addition, I get a great deal of satisfaction sharing with others what others have shared with me. Painting and drawing are very teachable and in time, creativity will follow and flow.


Craig Reynolds
Craig Reynolds

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Coming from a family of artist, I have been associated with painting and the art business for many years. My dad was a well-known water colorist in our area and taught me how to draw and paint at an early age. As years went by and his health declined I would take him on long countryside drives where we would stop and paint or take
photos of the old barns and landscapes that he loved so

I majored in art at our local junior college and throughout my career studied under some of the artist that I admired, such as Donny Finley, Dmitry Proshkin, Roger Dale Brown, Greg LaRock and Jason Saunders.

I became very active in my art business in 1984 while also working in the steel industry. I participated in many juried shows and art events. In 2006 I opened Craig Reynolds’ Studio and Gallery at which time I became a full time professional artist. I believe that being an artist is a never-ending learning process and I continuously experiment with new techniques and design principles.


Manon Sander
Manon Sander

North Palm Beach, Florida

At a young age I loved spending my days either roaming around the Bavarian village and later metropolitan Berlin where I grew up, or drawing and painting. It’s exactly the same combination that turned out to fulfill me in the adult part of my life: Scouting out new painting spots or going on a walk, just to discover by chance a scene or a subject that is just waiting to be painted feels like a great day. Actually painting what grabs my attention turns the day into fantastic.

During a decade and a half of painting murals professionally in Chicago and studying oil painting under the tutelage of well known Californian painters in San Francisco and southern California, I developed my own distinct style, cherished by collectors and students alike.

In August 2010 I entered a new phase when once again my family and I moved, this time to sunny, buggy and wonderful Florida. I am thrilled because it provides me with a never ending stream of inspiration. Having always been drawn to water and feeling a strong connection to the ocean I’m inspired by many things you find when you visit the sea shore: The sunlight creating lavender shadows on people’s white clothing when they walk by the water’s edge, by surfers and paddle boarders catching an aquamarine wave, by boats, sea creatures and birds calling the ocean and beach their home. When the “sunny and buggy” part about Florida gets a little too much I still have no shortage of things to paint in the studio. I paint things in my neighborhood, things of my daily life which seem ordinary, but for me it’s less about what I’m actually painting and more about my fascination with the effect of light on objects.

Painting in oil, oftentimes from life, I put my impressions down in thick juicy brush strokes, aiming to capture the essence and the light on my subject matter and the feelings it evokes in me. I aim to share my love of life through paintings that reflect the color, light and joy I am surrounded by and am ever so grateful for.


Ruth Squitieri
Ruth Squitieri

Port Orange, Florida

Ruth Squitieri was born and raised in a small town in Germany, before settling in Florida in her early 20s. She always had art in her life. While her family was very musical, she was the only one who always had a pencil or brush in her hand. After painting in watercolor and acrylics, she discovered oils about 20 years ago. In 2008 she took her first plein air workshop and has been hooked to on-site painting ever since. Ruth currently includes quick pen and ink sketches in her repertoire, especially when traveling.

Ruth loves to share her talent and knowledge and has been doing demos at artists’ groups as well as during paintout/plein air festivals in the Central Florida area for years. She currently teaches on-going classes in Composition and Perspective, Pen and Ink Sketching, and Oil Painting. She is also active as a volunteer instructor during the summer camp for kids and teens held at the Artist Workshop. Ruth has participated regularly at the NSB Paintout, was an invited artist at the Epcot “Art in the Garden Festival” by Disney for 6 years, and was juried into the Winter Park Paintout 2017.

I believe that working from life allows me to put the most
truthful statement onto the canvas, and also the most interesting. The camera doesn’t capture all the light and details in the shadows, but does put everything in focus. That is not how we see the world. To this point I study the scene that’s in front of me and put down what nature presents me with, carefully repositioning certain elements, eliminating others, but always focusing on the quality of light. I want to have the viewer say: “Yes, I can feel the atmosphere and the warmth of that summer afternoon.” Or: “I have been to this location and this is exactly what it feels like being there.”


Trish Vevera
Trish Vevera

Ormond Beach, Florida

Combining her love of outdoor “plein air painting” with the challenge of abstracting the landscape, Trish provides a contemporary rendering of a realistic environment. Her landscape work pushes reality by the use of bold, vibrant color and imaginative design.

Painting with watercolor/oils/acrylics/mixed media, Trish received progressive degrees in art/education from Grinnell college Iowa, The University of Iowa, and The University of Illinois. She has taught at the high school, community college, art groups, and private levels.


2020 Paint Out Cover Art

About This Year's Cover Painting...
About This Year's Cover Painting...

Title: Time Will Tell
Artist: Antwan Ramar

From the artist: “I, like most in the arts, look for little poetic evocation for the viewer. I came across inspiration for ‘Time will Tell’ when I watched all the fishermen under the bridge one afternoon. This gentleman sat quietly and patiently enjoying the day with his grandsons. He had a content belonging and stoicism about him. The light hitting his umbrella and illuminating his shirt had great color and dynamic that begged to be painted.”