Citizen Science

Citizen science is the collection of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists. At the Marine Discovery Center we work to engage the community in the environmental research happening in our own backyard. We collaborate with environmental scientists, researchers, and universities around the state to bring diverse and informative programs to New Smyrna Beach to give volunteers the opportunity to assist with ongoing research projects. The data collected by our volunteers is used to discover the unknown, aid in management decisions, and influence educational policy. There is always a need for citizen scientists at MDC.

Lagoon Watch

Volunteers will learn how to properly conduct a visual survey, learn to test water quality through a physical/chemical survey  and participate in biological monitoring. Participating in the AAE program is a great opportunity to learn about a unique and valuable ecosystem while having fun outdoors.
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Horseshoe Crab Nesting

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Salt Marsh


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Microplastics are small plastic particles measuring less than 5mm in diameter that come from a variety of sources such as poly fiber in clothing, microbeads in cosmetic items, and plastic debris. Plastics do not decompose, rather they break down over time into microscopic pieces that can be ingested and accumulated into the tissues of organisms.
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