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Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund

The Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund was created on behalf of a very special young man named Aaron Klothe. As a young teen, Aaron attended several Marine Discovery Summer Camps. During these camps it was apparent that Aaron possessed a strong affinity for water recreational activities and the study of Marine Science. His big smile and warm heart was infectious to all around him.

Unfortunately, Aaron passed away in an accident. This unfortunate incident united a community to help give back in support of their dear friend Aaron. In 2005, Aaron’s mother, Toni Klothe developed the Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund in honor of her son’s passion for wildlife and outdoor recreation. The fund was developed to provide financial assistance for disadvantaged youth to participate in hands-on marine science programs at the Marine Discovery Center. The fund has and will continue to encourage children to immerse themselves in nature-based educational programs so that they can experience the joy that Aaron felt while on the water.

If you are interested in applying for the Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund, please complete and submit the application below to the Marine Discovery Center. For more details, contact Michelle West, michelle@marinediscoverycenter.org or phone (386) 428-3310.


Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund

Instructions (to be completed by Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and student)
Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.

You will need to complete the following 6 items to be considered for a scholarship:
1) Complete the camp registration packet and label it Scholarship Request. The camp registration
packet can be downloaded at www.marinediscoverycenter.org/camps/summer-adventure-camps-dates-prices/
2) Complete this Scholarship Application (two pages) in its entirety.

3) Enclose copies of 2016 W-2 forms and a complete and signed copy of your most current 1040
form with all attached schedules, as submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Other forms of
government revenue documentation may be accepted. (If you are applying for more than one child,
we only require one copy of 2016 W-2 Forms and your 1040.)
4) Submit a letter as to why the applicant should receive the Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund.
The content of the letters should reflect the student’s financial needs as well as their interest in the
marine sciences and outdoor recreation.
5) Submit a letter prepared by the applicant’s school teacher as to why he/she should receive the
Aaron Klothe Scholarship Fund.
6) Deadline – All of the above documents need to be delivered to the Marine Discovery Center by
Friday, May 12, 2017. ****

All documents should be placed in an envelope labeled as follows:
Marine Discovery Center
Attention Scholarship Committee
520 Barracuda Blvd.
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
***Late applications will not be accepted.