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Special Delivery!

Feb 12th, 2014 | Category: Blogs, Oyster Restoration News, Shoreline Restoration News

P1070088Delivery of oyster shells from participating restaurants has begun! Waste Pro, who is generously providing  shell transport, came by first thing this morning with about 100 lbs of shell from McKenna’s Place in New Smyrna Beach!

In the past week, we picked up  over 500 lbs of shell from Off the Hook and The Sea Shack, both in New Smyrna Beach. We’re excited to have the shells start arriving, and can’t wait to see what next week’s delivery brings in. We sure are thankful for the efforts of the restaurant kitchen staffs and Waste pro employees, not to mention all those hungry oyster-lovers out there!

These shells will go through a minimum 90-day ‘quarantine’ period before they can be made into oyster mats and placed back into the lagoon. We utilize two of Florida’s most plentiful resources – sunshine and bugs – to clean the oyster shells during that period. After the 90 days, the shells are ready to be attached to plastic mesh mats or put in mesh bags to be used as artificial reef materials in the IRL.