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Oyster Trailer Gets a Facelift

Jan 27th, 2015 | Category: MDC News, Oyster Restoration News, Shoreline Restoration News

IMG_20150126_153250347Our oyster restoration trailer is all ready for the deployment season with several beautiful new signs, courtesy of SignWave LLC. Any time we’re traveling to and from sites loaded down with oysters, plants, and other restoration materials, people will know who we are and how to find out more about the Shuck and Share oyster recycling project.

Many thanks to volunteer Mark Jeske for securely attaching the signs, and to Robyn at SignWave LLC for the wonderful donation. The artwork looks great and will help the community know just how many different groups are pitching in to restore oyster beds in the northern Indian River Lagoon!

IMG_20150127_170729121The Shuck and Share project has recycled over 77,000 pounds of oyster shells through the Marine Discovery Center. Volunteers help make oyster mats and oyster bags using the recycled shells, and those materials repair and restore damaged oyster beds. Many of the oyster shells have already found a home back in the Indian River Lagoon, where they can provide habitat and shoreline stabilization in our unique estuary.

IMG_20150126_153241621As we get into the spring season when larval oysters, called ‘spat’, are plentiful and searching for a sturdy place to call home, we’ll be deploying hundreds of oyster bags and mats into the lagoon. The spat will settle on these materials and grow into living oyster reefs.

The oyster trailer, along with a pickup truck provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, allows us to transport the necessary materials to our restoration sites in the area. Honk if you see us around town in our ‘oyster wagon’!