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Local Restaurants Lend Hand For Oyster Reef Restoration

Apr 24th, 2014 | Category: Blogs, MDC News, Oyster Restoration News, Shoreline Restoration News

2011-01-01 00.00.00-110The “Shuck and Share” Oyster Recycling Project is excited to have 10 local restaurants as participating partners. These restaurants retain oyster shells from oysters served in their restaurants and contribute the shells to the program, rather than dumping them in the trash.

The shells are transported from the restaurants to the MDC, where they are made into oyster mats and oyster bags and returned to the Indian River Lagoon. The mats and bags become homes to oyster larvae, which grow into new oysters, replenishing local oyster reefs. New oysters can grow to harvestable size on these reefs within three years.

Through cooperation with local restaurants, a total of 10,675 lbs of oyster shells have been contributed to the “Shuck and Share” program. Currently, the top three contributing restaurants are: Off the Hook, with 5,765 pounds of oyster shells; First Turn, with 890 pounds; and McKenna’s Place, with 575 pounds.

In addition, private donations of oyster shells total 1,590 pounds of shells.

Get involved as a volunteer with the “Shuck and Share” program and remember to donate your discarded shells from your next oyster roast!