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through education, research and community stewardship."

Indian River Lagoon Shorline Restoration Project

Jan 13th, 2012 | Category: Shoreline Restoration News

by Coralie Gilson

The Shoreline Restoration Community Stewardship grant project has ended, but the work doesn’t stop here. Hopefully, work will continue in the local communities of the IRL and Hali-fax river and nearby areas, where I spent the last 12 months giving workshops, presentations, homeowner visits, school programs and attending community meetings and events.

For me it was a rewardingIndian River Lagoon Shoreline Restoration and enjoyable experience, getting out there in the public eye, meeting a lot of new friends, continuing to spread the word about MDC, educating and offering assistance to waterfront landowners . Almost 4000 people were contacted, and many share the enthusiasm we all feel for our beautiful and precious estuary and want to help keep it healthy, and make improvements to sustain it for generations to come.

A total of 21.4 miles of shoreline was activated, and today projects continue, removing Brazilian Pepper, planting mangroves, cleaning up shorelines of debris and planting beneficial native flora.

Along the way, I made contact with local college faculty and students, government officials, and several environmental groups, and I am now an active member of two. I got to attend 4 educational and very useful seminars, and helped restore 5921 feet of private waterfront.

This project established good relationships for MDC, broadened its horizons, assisted with the ongoing Spartina grass and Oyster planting project , and even brought us new members and volunteers. We hope to continue this community education in 2012, and are now exploring funding and new ideas for restoration of the estuary, and other nearby waterways and wetlands. Thank you to all of those who helped by volunteering their time during this project and making it a success!