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Full “Perigee” Moon Tours

Nov 9th, 2016 | Category: Announcements, MDC News, Tours

perigee super-moon

November’s Full Moon is a “Perigee” Moon—when the Moon reaches the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth. This is popularly called a “Supermoon.” In addition, this Perigee Moon (or, Supermoon) will also nearer to Earth than it’s been since January 26, 1948.

While the Moon won’t technically be getting any bigger, it will appear up to 14% larger than when it is at its furthest point.

Further, the full Moon of November 14 is not only the closest full Moon of 2016 but also the closest full Moon to date in the 21st century and it won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

Besides appearing large and bright in the sky, this extra-close Perigee Moon (or, Supermoon) will also have a more dramatic effect on the tides.

Bring closed-toe water shoes, water, bug spray, a camera and a sense of adventure. It’s Autumn in Florida!

Kayak tours

mdc-moonlight kayak1.5 hour paddle for sunset, then walk up the mountain to watch the moonrise

Sunday, 11/13/16: leave launch at 3:30, moonrise at 5:11

Monday, 11/14/16: leave launch at 4:45, moonrise at 6:00

Tuesday, 11/15/16: leave launch at 5:00, moonrise at 6:57

Boat tours

mdc-moonrise tour2 hour tour to see moonrise (slightly narrated but mostly just relaxation)

Sunday, 11/13/16: 4:15-6:15

Monday, 11/14/16: 5:00-7:00

Tuesday, 11/15/16: 6:00-8:00

Reservations and payment required in advance. Call 386-428-4828