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through education, research and community stewardship."

Florida Native Plants

pentabuckeye butterfly on tickweedzebra-butterfly

Watering our lawns and landscaping puts a lot of stress on Florida’s aquifer system. Removing water from the aquifer for irrigation means we will have less drinking water, more sinkholes, and are risking the health of Florida’s beautiful natural springs.
Planting native species in your yard is a great way to save money and time, conserve water, and reduce the fertilizer and pesticides entering our local waterways. Plants native to coastal Florida are hardy, drought tolerant, and grow well in our sandy soils. By landscaping with native species, you can greatly reduce the amount of food and water you must apply to maintain a healthy yard. There are many unique and beautiful native plants you can use to help minimize runoff from your yard into the local waterways.
Pay attention to the natural conditions and soil composition in your area, and research which plants naturally thrive in those conditions. See the link below to find species appropriate to your neighborhood.


Florida Friendly Landscaping

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