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Clean Up Across The Lagoon

May 20th, 2015 | Category: Announcements, MDC News

Clean Up Across The Lagoon Comes To Marine Discovery Center

– Lisa D. Mickey


Discarded fishing line

Ten volunteers showed up to gather trash at the Marine Discovery Center for the Clean Up Across the Lagoon effort on May 17. The small group collected approximately 500 pounds of trash and discarded fishing line on the grounds and waters surrounding the center.

Co-sanctioned by the Marine Discovery Center and Surfrider Foundation, the quarterly trash collection not only cleared the area of refuse, but also gave the event’s organizers a greater idea about the type of trash left behind in the areas frequented by recreational fishermen and boaters.

The event also reinforced the need for public receptacles for used monofilament fishing line, of which nearly 300 feet of line was collected in two hours. Volunteers pulled the fishing line out of trees, off coquina rocks and picked it up off various shorelines surrounding the center.

Here is the recorded breakdown of some of the trash collected within two hours during the recent event: Plastic bottles -112; other plastic – 289 items; glass bottles – 101; metal cans – 80; Styrofoam – 40 pieces; paper trash – 55 pieces; cigarette butts – 57; rope – 25 feet; six garbage bags of trash; three non-matching shoes; fishing equipment – three pieces; one chair; one tarp; and 112 miscellaneous pieces of trash.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for special events to pick up trash. Just one hour a week can make a difference and every little bit of collected garbage adds up. The solution to the pollution starts at your front door, as well as at the end of your fishing pole.


MDC Clean Up


MDC Clean Up