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Algae Can Be Seen From Space

Feb 29th, 2016 | Category: Announcements, MDC News

by Lisa D. Mickey

Indian River Algae Bloom

IRL Algae Bloom as seen from space

Anglers and paddlers who regularly use the Indian River Lagoon can see a difference in the lack of water clarity ever since the most recent algae bloom entered the estuary’s waters in February. Sadly, the algal bloom may also be seen from space, as shown here in this LANDSAT satellite image. Scientists attribute a variety of factors for the most recent algal invasion, including weather effects from El Nino weather patterns, as well as nutrient overloading from fertilizers and septic tanks. The Indian River Lagoon suffered a 60 percent loss of seagrass in its last severe algal bloom in 2011, and is still trying to regrow nearly 47,000 acres of seagrass that serves as both food for manatees, as well as critical habitat for fish.