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Adopt-An-Estuary monitoring map

Jul 23rd, 2013 | Category: AAE Volunteer, MDC News

Our enthusiastic Adopt-An-Estuary volunteers are monitoring the environment at sites from Edgewater to Ormond Beach.

At each site, volunteers look for common animal and plant species, record weather conditions, and conduct water testing.  Volunteers are also on the lookout for invasive species along the shoreline or in the water. By documenting parameters such as salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrient content, turbidity, and temperature, we can develop an ongoing database of conditions throughout the estuary. A network of sites allows for us to determine how changes in these parameters (such as an influx of nitrates or drop in salinity) are moving through the area. The data provide a record of changes in the estuary, and can be used to alert appropriate agencies if necessary.

As the database grows, keep checking back to get updates on what’s happening in your Indian River Lagoon!




Check out our monitoring sites, and contact the Marine Discovery Center if you’d like to “adopt” a site of your own.