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AAE Database

Oct 2nd, 2013 | Category: AAE Volunteer

Our water-quality testing volunteers have been hard at work! Now that we have a few months of data compiled, we are making our database available to the public.

AAE Raw Data

The purpose of making this data available are:

1) EDUCATION –  Teachers can utilize the data set in their classrooms to ex

plore relationships between environmental parameters, create maps, and practice graphing with their students.

2) CITIZEN SCIENCE – Want to explore the estuary on your own? Analyses using this database can address biological, physical, or chemical aspects of the local environment. Whether you like creating unique graphics or just exploring data, you can hone your skills using real conditions from a biologically diverse area.

This database will be regularly updated as more surveys are completed. The Google Document allows for users to download the spreadsheet and use for education or analysis, but the data cannot be altered or compromised.



AAE Raw Data